Biofact appointed as distributor for Taranis Foods

Biofact have been appointed as distributor in Ireland for Taranis a French company specialising in foods for metabolic disorders. This expands the range of foods for metabolic disorders that Biofact now offers. Many of the foods offered by Taranis are available for reimbursement on the PCRS (medical card).

Taranis foods include low protein milk, egg, fish, meat and cheese substitutes. Cakes, biscuits, desert drinks and deserts are also available.

Taranis offer the very popular Hazelnut Spread which can be ordered from Biofact.

Biofact now offers low Protein foods for PKU patients from Promin and Taranis.

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Biofact to Distribute Promin PKU Foods in Ireland

Firstplay Dietary Foods have appointed Biofact as their new distributor in Ireland for Promin Foods. As of now pharmacists can order our Promin low protein products from Biofact.

Promin believe that Biofact as a new distributor will provide a professional and reliable service to customers in Ireland.

Biofact will stock all the GMS reimbursable products and a number of the non-reimbursable foods.

Firstplay Dietary Foods, has been in PKU (Phenylketonuria) low-protein dietary food manufacture since 1984 and continues to develop low protein meal solutions, available under the Promin low protein brand. Promin Pasta was launched in 1993 with the Promin range developing in response to demands from patients, parents and dieticians. Continual research and development ensures that there is much more to come from Firstplay Dietary Foods.

“The PKU Association of Ireland would like to wish both Biofact and Promin Firstplay Dietary Foods all the success in their new distribution deal. Our members were delighted to hear of the new distribution deal which should see better availability of the Promin Firstplay products together with a wider range of other products.  We hope all our chemists will register with Biofact to ensure that we can continue to receive our favourite products.” Fergus Woodcock, PKU Association of Ireland.

Biofact have been a registered HPRA Wholesaler since 2011 and operate from their premises in Celbridge Co. Kildare.


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Biofact launch exciting new product for skin protection – Aldanex

Biofact have been appointed as distributor for Aldanex in Ireland.

Aldanex skin protectant is a smooth, transparent silicon based barrier cream. It is non-greasy, viscous and fragrance free. Used in the protection and prevention of skin from irritation and breakdown due to incontinence, it offers ease for the patient and carers.

Aldanex has been specifically designed as an effective barrier cream for the protection of skin from the ravages of incontinence, it can be applied to intact skin or to broken skin up to and including Grade 2. Aldanex protects the skin by creating an active barrier and reducing friction on fragile irritated or broken skin. Aldanex further promotes skin healing through the provision of a balanced moist healing environment.

Problems associated with the breakdown of skin can often lead to Pressure Ulcers. Aldanex has been proven to Protect Skin, Prevent Skin Breakdown due to irritation and moisture lesions, and promote healing through the provision of a balanced moist environment.

Aldanex can be used on intact or broken skin.

For further information please contact Biofact at

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Biofact appointed as distributor for Lyomark Pharma GMBH

22 of February 2012

Biofact have been appointed as distributor for Lyomark Pharma products in Ireland. Initially the products will focus on neonatolgy products. Other products from Lyomark will also be promoted and distributed by Biofact in Ireland. The first of the products will be available in Ireland by 2013.

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Biofact Receives IMB Wholesaler’s Authorisation


Biofact Receives Irish Medicines Board (IMB) Wholesaler’s Authorisation

9th of August 2011

Following an audit and inspection by the IMB, Biofact have been granted a Wholesaler’s Authorisation to distribute medicinal products in The Republic of Ireland. The categories of medicines authorised for distribution by Biofact are:-

- Prescription only Medicinal Products
- Medicinal Products for General Sale
- Over the counter Medicinal Products for sale through pharmacies only
- Medicinal Products requiring low temperature storage conditions
- Exempt Medicinal Products
- Biological Products

For further information contact Joe Mayne

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Biofact to promote and distribute Perspi-Guard in Ireland

10th of June 2011

Biofact have been appointed by BuyinConfidence as the marketing, sales and distributor in Ireland for the Perspi-Guard range of anti-perspirant products. Perspi-Guard is recommended for the treatment of excessive sweating also known as hyperhidrosis. Perspi-Guard is effective for up to 5 days when applied, has no white staining which is common with other products, has no odour allowing the use of perfumes and deodorants if desired. Perspi-Guard maybe applied to face, underarms, hands and feet. Perspi-Guard is ideal for the important occasion or with the expensive ensemble.

Information on Excessive Sweating – Click here

Information on Perspi-Guard - Click Here

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Biofact new website goes live

Biofact are delighted to launch their new website. We hope the website will be a source of information and help to the healthcare community and to people who benefit or use the products we supply. We hope you enjoy our website and we would welcome any comments or suggestions in how we can improve our site. Please feel free to contact us.

Joseph Mayne

Managing Director

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