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Willospon is a sterile, absorbable gelatine sponge that offers powerful haemostatic properties with a wide range of applications (ref3). Manufactured from purified gelatine foam of uniform porosity, the dry foam is provided ready for immediate use in the operating theatre. Since it has previously been sterilised by gamma radiation (25kGy), it does not require any additional sterilisation.

Fully absorbed within 3 weeks (ref4), Willospon does not cause noxious tissue reactions or give rise to hypersensitivity (ref3). Initially inducing a leukocytic reaction and later a macrophage and giant cell reaction, it stimulates the growth of connective tissue into its pores. And once this process is underway, absorption takes place gradually, hygienically, and above all, safely.

When Willospon is applied to aseptic cavities, the cavity can be closed immediately, while in open cavities, bacterial processes will transform the gelatine sponge into a liquid within a few days.

Willospon has an absorption capacity up to 30 times its own weight and has a pH value of 4.1. It is readily cut into any desired shape and can be applied either in a dry state, or once moistened with physiological saline solution or antibiotics.

Willospon Forte

Willospon Forte is purified collagen derived from equine Achilles tendon. Prepared as a sponge, it is sterile, non-pyrogenic and absorbable. The haemostatic activity, inherent to collagen, is largely dependent on this protein’s helical structure, a structure that is preserved with the greatest of care during its manufacturing process.

When blood comes into contact with Willospon Forte, platelets aggregate on the collagen and release coagulation factors. These, together with plasma factors, induce the formation of fibrin and finally result in the formation of the desired thrombus. Besides its ease of use, Willospon Forte sponge can at all times be relied on for effective haemostasis without tissue damage and with greatly reduced surgery time (ref2).

When the sponge comes into contact with the bleeding surface, haemostasis arises as a result of a two-fold action:

  • Upon absorbing blood, the collagen fibres induce adherence and aggregation of platelets, initiating the coagulation cascade. This leads to the formation of a fibrin thrombus and haemostatic stability.
  • At the same time, blood’s aqueous component forms a collagen gel as it comes into contact with the sponge. The sponge’s absorption quality leads to swelling and coalescence, finally forming a uniform gel mass. This gel in turn adheres to the tissue and creates a highly effective vascular cement.

Depending on indications, Willospon Forte is fully absorbed within 3 days to 4 weeks and, with the exception of neurosurgery, may be left in situ. It therefore does not give rise to any tissue damage, as may be the case with non-absorbable material. With an absorption capacity of approximately 20 times its own weight, it is very frequently used as a wound dressing as it offers faster wound healing than conventional gauze (ref5). Willospon Forte can be easily cut to any desired size and can be applied either dry or once moistened with most kind of solutions such as saline, thrombin, antibiotics.

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