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Activon Honey 12+
Activated Medical Grade Pure Manuka Honey

Honey is probably the oldest documented remedy used in the healing of wounds. Parchments from the ancient Greeks, Babylonians,Egyptians and India clearly indicate the importance of natural honey in diet and medicine. One of the oldest medical documents, the Egyptian Ebers papyrus (c1550BC) when interpreted shows that “Honey was widely used, as a natural antibiotic, to dress wounds and as a base for healing unguants, as was castor oil, coriander, beer and other foods.” Other ancient scriptures such as the Bible, Qur’an and Torah specifically mention the medicinal use of honey.

The use of honey has not only survived until today, but we are finding that it possesses more and more properties. Since 1981 Dr. Peter Molan at the Waikato University, New Zealand has been researching honey and in particular Manuka Honey in wound care.

Why Honey Works

Many natural honey’s have similar properties. Honey approved (CE marked) for use in the treatment of wounds has antibacterial action, including activity against resistant bacteria such as MRSA. It is imperative that honey applied to a wound or cut is sterilised to avoid infection from bacterial spores that maybe contained in the honey.

Why is Manuka Honey so special?

Dr. Molan and other researchers at the University of Waikato have been investigating what many local New Zealanders have accepted as common wisdom: the local manuka honey is a superior treatment for wound infections. Manuka Honey is a premium mono-floral honey which is produced by bees that feed on the nectar of the flowers that grow on the Manuka bush (leptospermum scoparium), which is indigenous to New Zealand.

Ordinary honey’s antibacterial activity occurs by changing the wound from an alkaline to an acid environment by the production of hydrogen peroxide. This action can be destroyed by heat, light or dilution. Manuka honey has an added antibacterial activity action which is very stable and even when diluted in excess of 50 times remains very potent. This is known as the Unique Manuka Factor.

Manuka Honey and Wound Healing

Manuka honey with a unique manuka factor greater than 10 is suitable for the treatment of wounds. It is important that the honey used is of medical grade quality as distinct from honey for eating. Medical Grade Manuka honey has been sterilised for use on open cuts and wounds and reduces the potential of introducing bacteria to the wound.

Manuka honey has other beneficial properties in relation to wound healing. By osmotic action it maintains the wound area moist and also removes excessive moisture allowing the bodies own healing to take place. By changing the Ph of the wound area to slightly acidic it enhances wound healing by releasing extra oxygen to the damaged area. Honey removes impediments to wound healing by acting as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and stimulates the bodies own immune activity.

Activon Products

Activon Honey is pure medical grade activated Manuka Honey which is sterilised and CE marked for use on cuts, wounds and burns. Activon honey has a unique manuka factor of +12.

Moisturising balm with antibacterial Activon- activated manuka honey.
Apply directly to lips.

Activon Tube
Activated medical grade pure manuka honey in a 25g tube.
Apply directly to cuts, burns or wounds.

An antibacterial dressing with manuka honey oil and Activon honey (Activon+).
It is easy to apply over the wound and will easily adhere to surrounding dry skin but will not stick to the wound.

Activon Tulle
A gauze dressing impregnated with Medical Grade Manuka Honey. Apply directly to wound and then apply a covering dressing.

Alginate dressing impregnated with Medical Grade Manuka Honey. Apply directly to wound. Suitable for wounds where there is a lot of seeping fluid. Especially suitable for sloughy, necrotic or malodorous wounds or leg ulcers.

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