Lip Balm – Manuka Honey

Actibalm is a Lip Balm containing a topical ointment made up from only two ingredients – white pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly and 100% pure Manuka honey.

The petroleum jelly in the lip balm seals the skin preventing bacteria from entering the affected area and keeps the skin’s moisture from evaporating whilst the manuka honey’s antibacterial and healing properties help heal and soothe.


Actibalm lip balm is a great all round product. Petroleum jelly alone is well known as a great product for chapped lips, Actibalm provides an added antibacterial healing ingredient in the Activon manuka honey.


  • Replaces moisture for dry, chapped lips
  • For the treatment of cold sores
  • Good for insect bites
  • Soothing antibacterial honey
  • Helps reduce inflammation


Do not use if allergic to bee venom.



Unique non-peroxide factor in active manuka honey.

Protective skin seal

Petroleum jelly provides a seal on the skin preventing moisture from evaporating.

Actibalm Lip Balm is available as a single tube or a box of 20. Available to buy on our website or in many good pharmacies.