Biofact launch exciting new product for skin protection – Aldanex

Biofact have been appointed as distributor for Aldanex in Ireland.

Aldanex skin protectant is a smooth, transparent silicon based barrier cream. It is non-greasy, viscous and fragrance free. Used in the protection and prevention of skin from irritation and breakdown due to incontinence, it offers ease for the patient and carers.

Aldanex has been specifically designed as an effective barrier cream for the protection of skin from the ravages of incontinence, it can be applied to intact skin or to broken skin up to and including Grade 2. Aldanex protects the skin by creating an active barrier and reducing friction on fragile irritated or broken skin. Aldanex further promotes skin healing through the provision of a balanced moist healing environment.

Problems associated with the breakdown of skin can often lead to Pressure Ulcers. Aldanex has been proven to Protect Skin, Prevent Skin Breakdown due to irritation and moisture lesions, and promote healing through the provision of a balanced moist environment.

Aldanex can be used on intact or broken skin.

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